Bible Core Course

Our First BCC

A long-time dream of our base founders, Joshua and Viviene Synder, actualized as YWAM Petaling Jaya ran this course, with support from YWAM Rogaland (Norway), from 8th February to 30th April, 2021. God has surely been faithful in bringing this school back to Malaysia. It was previously run at our base in Penang and after a long time, it is back!

Study for Life Change From the head to the heart

Endless Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to spend time completely immersed in the Word of God? To be able to understand what God’s word is actually saying? Or be able to understand just a little bit more – God and His word and the world around us?

In the three months, we will read through the whole Bible. Six days a week, we will read and study from both the Old and New Testament. We will spend time memorizing and meditating on Scripture while being given opportunities to experience facilitating a Bible study and enhancing skills in teaching and preaching the Word

Join us

See God’s word come alive using the historical and literary context to accurately interpret Scripture and meaningfully apply it in your life. See all of Scripture as it was meant to be – ONE huge story – GOD’s STORY of –
Love. Forgiveness. Redemption. Restoration.

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